Cloud Services in Staten Island, NY

“The cloud” is more than a buzzword—it’s something every business needs to be using, including your small business! Infinity Technical Services can introduce you to the benefits of cloud services and help you take your business operations to a whole new level—one that promotes efficiency, reduces costs and makes your business more scalable than ever before.

We customize our hosted services for every business in Staten Island, NY, giving you everything you need to establish your business in the cloud—and nothing you don’t need.

Office 365 Setup

As a commercial IT company, we can help you purchase and utilize Office 365 as part of your move to cloud-based operations. This suite features all your most-used Microsoft programs—Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more—available across every compatible device on your network, with real-time file syncing. A good Office 365 setup is the simplest way to bring mobility and versatility to your business’ most-used apps.

Hosted Exchange Mail

One of our most popular hosted services, Exchange Mail allows you to access your email on-the-go, from any device on your network, with robust file download and document management capabilities. Hosted Exchange means you’re never far from your email, which is synced across all devices. Send and receive emails and files, and never miss a thing throughout your day, no matter where you are.

Hosted PBX Services

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phone system set up to enable everything from extensions to multiple phone lines within your company. We set up a PBX digital phone system to help you manage and direct incoming calls, and to present your business in a professional, capable capacity. Cloud VoIP phones and hosted PBX services are exactly what your business needs to make communication simple.

ShareSync Services

ShareSync is one of the many cloud services we offer to business owners, to ensure their data is safe from both accidents and malicious attacks. Instead of backing up every night, ShareSync creates real-time backups of your data from all your networked devices, and can restore backups from any point in time. If your data is every knocked out, lost or attacked, you can shut everything down, shore up security and restore quickly, minimizing disruption to your business.

Cloud Services

Establish Your Business Cloud

Infinity Technical Services provides a full range of cloud setup and configuration services—from file sharing and email to Office 365 and cloud storge. Contact us today at 718-874-8552 to discuss your business’ digital infrastructure and learn more about the cloud solutions and other hosted services, along with IT management, IT security, networking cabling, and security camera installation work we provide.