Security Camera Installation in Staten Island, NY

Does your business have security cameras set up to capture everyday goings-on? If not, it’s time to call Infinity Technical Services to discuss security camera installation. We can help you choose the right security cameras for your facilities, install them in the right place and configure them to be your eye-in-the-sky. If there’s ever an incident, you can roll back the footage to get the proof you need and the right information to act accordingly.

Security Camera Setups & More

Security camera setups are something any Staten Island, NY business can benefit from. We advise every business owner to have at least one camera at their entrance—in addition to anywhere money is handled or the public has access. Take a look at some of the benefits of having a security camera installation:

  • Visual proof and evidence in the event of a crime
  • A deterrent to crime or wrongdoing
  • A system of record for logging important activities
  • Safeguards against customer accusations
  • Reduced liability in the event of an incident

We bring you these benefits and more by providing you with security camera installations that meet your needs and expectations. From a lone installation at your main entrance to cameras pointed at your most important assets, we set up a system that gives you peace of mind.

Camera Configuration

Today’s security cameras are feature-rich and powerful, giving you endless options for customization. Count on our security camera installers for all aspects of security camera setup—from installation, to configuring cloud sharing, to programming auto archives, to accessibility and beyond. We make sure your cameras work as you need them to, and that you have access to their complete range of feature and capabilities.

Security Camera Installation

Call us for IT Consulting

Infinity Technical Services is ready to give your business the peace of mind it deserves with IT consulting. From a single camera to a well-orchestrated network of cameras, our security camera installers make sure your eyes in the sky are properly configured to support the safety of your Staten Island, NY business. Contact us today at 718-874-8552 to discuss camera options, IT management, IT security services, cloud services, networking cabling installation, and more.